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Get Support or Contact us

below we've written about a bunch of Common issues and some steps you can do to resolve them, some have required steps before contacting us so please make sure to read it carefully and select your issue, as simply contacting us without the related info will likely end in no resolution.
additionally please make sure you follow these rules for contacting us
- We only Reply to Emails in English
- make sure your issue Relates to HotCrypto
- Emails without enough Details/Info will be ignored

Select your Issue!

i Have an Issue and need Support!

we apologize that you encountered an issue, and we'd love to resolve it if possible! the first step in helping us do that is by reaching out to us with an explanation of your issue, necessary data to help us investigate/understand your issue and any other information you find might help us.

before reaching out to us we would appreciate checking if your issue is related to some of those issues above. if it is there may be steps you can/have to do to resolve the issue. some issues Require a bit of Information for us to properly work on it so any mails regarding these issues without the required info will not be awnsered.

please do also understand that for some issues we cannot offer support or only offer the steps listed here with no contact support available.

My Account is Blocked!

your Account has been blocked and now you cannot log in, this is likely because our system found a large issue with your account that violated out Terms of Service, But Systems arent perfect so if you are certain this was an error we may look at it again and unblock the account.

our System usually blocks accounts with a specific reason that will be shown when you try to log in. not every reason can be overturned, and some reasons require different information so please follow the guide below if you decide to send us an email:

Required Info:
  • "Your Account has been Locked because we have detected large Multi Accounting"
    • your Account UserID or Username
    • any Address you used for FaucetPay, ExpressCrypto or Coinbase
    • a valid reason why there may be a different account with the same address
  • "Your Account has been Locked due to Fraudulent Actions"
    • this type of account block is not overrule-able and final. reason for this beign that we have a 0 Tolerance policy for Fraud
  • "Your Account has been Locked Because of VPN Usage"
    • Please Click on "i've been flagged for using a VPN" and follow the info listed there.

if you've gathered the Required Info then you may Contact us at: [email protected] with the info above and any additional info to help us decide.
not giving the required Data will lead to no Reply.

The Site Says i Use a VPN!

Our Site uses a variety of Methods to Detect VPNs, Proxies and TOR nodes and has a strict policy against them. however if you are certain you arent connected to any of these things there are some things you can do.

Before Contacting us for this issue we reccomend checking the following things

  • check your IP Type on https://iphub.info/, if it says Hosting, Proxy or Bad IP you will have to Report an Error/Correction on their side. do not contact our email if it is flagged on iphub.
  • Check that your ASN is not flagged as Hosting https://ipinfo.io/asn-api. if an ASN is mostly used for Proxies, Servers and other non Residential Uses it will be flagged as hosting. because alot of hidden VPNs tend to use These Types of Servers you may be blocked when using an IP belonging to this ASN. in this case we cannot unflag your IP.

if you've done the steps above and found no issues/blocks you may contact us, please make sure to include the following info

  • Your UserID or Username
  • Your Current IP Address (preferably from the same Device you were using HotCrypto with).

if you've gathered the Required Info then you may Contact us at: [email protected] with the info above and any additional info to help us decide.
not giving the required Data will lead to no Reply.

Something Doesnt work, i see an error or found a bug!

While we try our Best to make sure it doesnt happen, sometimes you may encounter unexpected behaviour, see a confusing error or find a bug. in these cases we allways appreciate the fast feedback that notifies us and helps us to fix it.

that being said its important to differentiate between error in our Code and Error messages the Site may show you on purpose, generally if there is an error message that happens after you perform an action or there is an error that tells you something that you need to do, its important to read it first and try what is suggested. if the error is something that doesnt seem related or sounds like it may be a code related error we reccomend sending us a mail with as much of the info below.
incase you want to reach out to us, please include as much of the following information

  • Your UserID or Username
  • The Action you were trying to do
  • The URL where it happened (the name of the Page e.g. Withdraw Page or Account Page is ok too)
  • If you got an error message, a Screenshot of it
  • Any Additional Information/Data that helps us Pinpoint the Error (Optional)

if you've gathered the Required Info then you may Contact us at: [email protected] with the info above and any additional info to help us decide.
not giving the required Data will lead to no Reply.

Refill your damn Currencies!

HotCrypto Offers Multiple Currencies on Multiple Services, because we have to ensure they are refilled on every service it may take some time for currencies to be refilled, we try to have minimum downtime for each currency but if it does ever happen that a currency is out of stock we reccomend to enable restock notifications! this helps you to withdraw as soon as a currency is back in stock on your selected service!

we dont offer a contact method for this type of issue, so these kinds of emails will not receive a reply.

I did an Offer and havent been Credited!

Offers are a Great way of Earning Blaze, so its frustrating when you've done the work and get no credit. while we'd love to help you directly this is often outside of our control as Offers are Credited by the Offerwall Provider and/or Advertiser. this means that HotCrypto doesnt know the state of the Offer you've done until we get the confirmation it was completed. there are luckily some things you can do!

- check your Recently Completed Offers when loading the Offerwall Tab, here we display the last 25 offers we got a confirmation for if its listed here and the State is completed then you've been rewarded for that offer.
- try waiting, its not the most fun thing todo but it often takes a couple days until the offer gets credited. this usually happens because the Advertiser or Service needs time to validate against fraud
- Check the Offer Status on the Respective Offerwall. each Service usually has a "my Points" section or similliar, this shows all your Offers and their status. if you've waited and the status is still not complete you can:

- reach out to the Offerwalls Support. if an offer is not marked as complete you will have to contact their support to get it marked as complete.

if the Offer is marked as complete and you havent been credited you may Contact us at: [email protected]. be sure to include a screenshot of the "My Points" Section so we can assure it was marked as complete on the Offerwall.

i've done a Job but its still Pending!

HotCrypto's job feature are manual tasks which are reviewed manually by us, so it may take a little time until we review your submission. but rest assured that every submission gets looked at. we do also purposely wait with reviewing certain jobs to ensure they have the chance of reaching Bonus Tasks.

we dont offer any contact support for this Issue.

i have a Partnership offer or want to work with HotCrypto!

HotCrypto gives its users the ability to earn by maintaining various partnerships with advertisers and Companies, so we're thrilled to hear about any partnership oppertunity you may have for us. if you believe you can offer us something that helps our Site please look at the following Points you may include.

  • Your Name, Website or Company
  • a Gist of what you do and specialize in
  • a short example how partnering with you helps HotCrypto / why you believe your Service is Suited for HotCrypto
  • Examples of existing integrations
  • A Summary of your Offer

once you're ready to contact us you can do so at: [email protected] or [email protected] or [email protected] or [email protected]. Whichever floats your Remote-Controlled Boat

My Issue is not listed!

Thats ok, we dont plan for everything. if your issue isnt listed we still reccomend seeing if any listed issue is somewhat related to your Request because they usually have instructions that may help with getting your issue resolved (we arent that strict about the issue exactly matching out description)

if your Issue is Novel and we dont have any support for it yet we would love to hear about it though. Here is some Information you may include if you wish to reach out to us

  • your UserID or Username if you have an account
  • a Detailed Explanation of your Issue
  • a screenshot/photo if it helps explain your issue.

you can contact us at [email protected]. Note that if we think your issue is related to a topic above you may get referred back to this page or not receive an awnser.

let me tell you something!

Sure, Send us a mail at [email protected] or [email protected] or [email protected] or [email protected]. this type of email wont receive a reply most of the time, but rest assured we do read your messages (even if they are weird).