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Frequently Asked Questions

this is the place for any questions or uncertainties you may have
A: Blaze are an Essential Part of Hotcrypto. Blaze is a Fixed Value Currency that we Reward you in for doing Tasks! Blaze itself cannot be withdrawn, but it is automatically converted when you withdraw your favourite currency! having only one currency Balance Makes it Easier for us to reward you, keep track of your statistics for you and helps us make sure we dont suddenly run out of Cryptocurrency!
A: XP is a way to progress on HotCrypto. When Earning XP you can Level Up to Reach a higher Permanent Bonus. you can Earn XP By Using Earning Methods, the base amount is set to 1/10th of blaze you earn. but can be higher when Taking Part in Events! When Reaching Certain Levels you get a Semi-Permanent Multiplier!
A: ReIgnite is a Feature thats only Available Once Reaching the Max Level (50) It Gives you the Option to Reset your Leveling & Achievement Progress to get additional Permanent Multipliers. You Can ReIgnite Upto 3 Times.
A: Shortlinks are Quick and Easy ways to refill Your Blaze, the way they works is that Clicking on a Shortlink sends you to a third party advertiser which will send you back to Hotcrypto after viewing some short ads. the advertiser pays us a portion of the revenue which is used to pay you!

the amount of Blaze Rewarded Depends on the payout of each advertiser, some advertisers let you pass multiple times but may reward a little less each time. once you finish all passes of a shortlink you might get to send off a review to tell us how it was.
A: As Explained in 'What Are Shortlinks?', What allows us to reward you for passing Shortlinks are the third Party Advertisers that run the Shortlinks you Visit. as these are independent people or businesses its difficult for us to check every shortlink with every country to make sure there are no NSFW or Offensive advertisements. to combat this we've added a Review System that randomly picks users who have passed the shortlink to determine how easy it was to pass, and if there were any NSFW advertisements. We Collect these Scores and Determine if a Shortlink should get the NSFW Tag. this happens automatically if atleast 30% of respondants rate it as NSFW. The NEW tag simply indicates that the provider is new and hasnt had many reviews, so its hard for us to determine if there is NSFW content.

we strive to keep the site as SFW as possible, but we cannot guarantee this as we work with alot of thirdparty providers.
A: Shortlink Rewards may change at any time, this is due to various factors which affect the payment of our advertisers. these may include public factors such as the CPM of the advertiser, aswell as internal statistics such as how many views are counted, how frequently does the advertiser pay and how reliable it is. Rewards are Purposely Set a bit lower when Advertisers are new to mitigate losses from fraudulent Advertisers.
A: The Mining Section is a Great Earning Method to Earn Blaze passively. it may not reward as much as some of the other earning methods, but can be easily run 24/7 on Multiple devices! the way it works is that Hotcrypto gives you the option to use unused CPU processing Power to earn Cryptocurrency, Hotcrypto lets you completely control how much of your processing power you use. we also allow you to to use your Graphicscard and other Devices to earn even more!
A: There are a few Differences Between the Webminer and desktop application. the Webminer has the Benefit of Convenience, with no setup or configuration required, simply visit the page, start the miner and leave the page open to mine passively. We Offer an Easily Shareable Link to open on other devices to make them mine for you!
br> there are however some downsides, Webmining in the browser is not nearly efficient as using a Desktop Miner, another disadvantage is that web mining is CPU only, as there is no GPU support for browser mining. meaning that if you have a powerful Graphics Card, (especially Gaming or Workstation cards) then you will experience 10x - 100x as much in earnings. we recommend using the Desktop miner for Better Results
A: There Are Several Reasons why The miner may not work, if you've started the miner and see no results it is likely that a browser extention or security program blocks the mining script from loading. the fix for this is to whitelist our webpage. its common for Security software to block scripts or show alerts when mining is involved as its a common usecase for hackers (often called Cryptojacking). Rest Assured when Using our Sites Miner, as Hotcrypto Uses a Trusted Thirdparty Provider (Webminepool.com) for both its web and desktop mining and we make sure to be as transparent as possible.
A: Because of How Mining Works you have the choice to save up mined hashes to convert them whenever you like, this has the downside that events could be exploited by saving up hashes for the event and withdrawing them to get the bonus. to prevent this we have 2 ways of becomming eligible, either by enabling auto bank in your settings which banks them every 10 minutes, or by Manually Converting without the bonus which makes you eligible for the event. the timeframe to withdraw in usually starts a couple hours before the event starts, just to make sure you dont have months of hashes saved up
A: The Video Section is A Relaxing Way to Watch Videos and get Some Extra Blaze for it. The Way it Works is We Partner with Video Providers who Pay you Points for Watching the videos and ads. you have the option to withdraw your points by selecting us as your linked account partner. once you click withdraw the partner notifies us of how many points you withdrew and we Reward you with the bits and some Watch Tickets
A: as we Work with Video Partners, the Decision if you are eligible to earn with videos is made by them. if there arent any videos or if you arent eiligible to be rewarded, check their help page for more infos, usually its either due to an adblocker or a VPN, which should be easy to resolve
A: no, as much as we want to, we cant reward you for simply watching YouTube and Netflix. we reward you for watching videos on our partners platforms, but dont worry, there's a great variety of content on there with more comming everyday! there are a variety of categories filled with content!
A: Because of How the The Video Section works you have to withdraw via our advertising partner to be paid for your pending videos, this makes events abusable by saving up points, withdrawing during the event to get the bonus for all your points. to prevent you have to Withdraw without the bonus which makes you eligible for the event. the timeframe to withdraw in usually starts a couple hours before the event starts, just to make sure you dont have weeks of points saved up saved up
A: The Offer Section Will be your Favourite Place for Earning Blaze. Why? Because it has the Highest Earning Potential. Do their Tasks, Awnser their Surveys or Get Paid to Play Games on your Phone!

Doing Offers is fun and Very Rewarding. i'm talking 200.000+ Blaze if You Put in your Time.
A: There are a Couple of Reasons why A Task hasnt been Rewarded yet. the most common reason is Time, Most Offers Take a Few Days to Reward you, Depending on Offer Provider it may take 7, 14 or even 30 Days! we know its bothersome to wait, especially when you can allready see those bits comming your way. but we ask for your understanding that we do not have a way to speed up this process. if its been a while check your Offerwall History, Most Offer Providers allow you to check your Offers and see if the're marked as Rewarded. if thats the case and you're confident you havent gotten your Blaze Feel Free to Contact us and we will look into it!
A: Achievements are Rewards you get for Free whenever you reach a milestone! theres a variety of ways to get achievements, you can get them by Leveling up, Earning Blaze or Hitting Goals on each Earning Method! our Achievements are Paced to make sure you can reach them when starting out and when getting ahead and reaching higher levels. some Achievements are permanent and some Automatically Reset after a couple days to be achieveable again.
A: Events are a Great Feature we Offer to Make Earning Crypto More fun they are Time-Limited and usually last a couple hours to a couple days. we offer a variety of Event Types which are randomly scheduled. Events can Boost a Variety of Values; They can give an Overall Blaze Multiplier, Boost the XP you Earn or Boost Blaze for a specific Earning Method.
A: the Scorching Hourglass Event is a Unique Event that we are Most Proud of! What Sets the Scorching Hourglass Event Appart is a key feature: Teamwork. The Scorching Hourglass Has an Increasing Multiplier based on how much Users earn before the Hourglass goes into Cooldown Any Blaze (or XP) earned During the Event will count towards the Event Goal, once the Event Ends Any Blaze (or XP) are Multiplied based on the final Bonus.
The 'Cooldown' Phase of the Event is a time before the event ends, Once it begins your Blaze (or XP) Stop Counting toward the goal, but certain earning methods which may be credited after a delay can still be eligible to count towards it.
A: Our Leaderboards Add a Competetive Element to Hotcrypto, here you can compare yourself to the top 25 Users and see how you are doing. there's a variety of Leaderboards, There are Leaderboard Tracking your Alltime progress and there are Monthly Leaderboard That Reset at the start of the month. these Leaderboard often have rewards for the top 3. got an Earning Method you like? Start Gunning for the Top Spot!

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