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Earn Blaze

Blaze Earning Methods.

$ Shortlinks

Easy - Difficult Accessible

Shortlinks Reward you for passing through them, they contain ads and a timer, some are pretty Easy, but others can be tricky or difficult to pass. Shortlinks have no Country Restrictions

$ Mining

Very Easy In-Accessible

Mining Uses your PC's Processing Power to Earn Blaze, its automatic and can run in the background, but is only available for PCs and earns alot more when your PC has a High Performing GPU

$$$ Videos

Very Easy In-Accessible

Watch Videos with our Partner(s) and get paid! it works on allmost any device and requires little attention. it is only limited to certain countries based on advertiser demand

$$$ Offers

Difficult In-Accessible

Offers Provide Various Tasks in return for high Rewards, but these tasks depend on your device and country

$ Quicktasks
Easy Accessible

Quick Tasks are a subgenre of Offers that involves doing tasks that usually take 1 - 5 minutes, like "Visit this Webpage" or "Signup to this App". these can Be found on Offerwalls Like Monlix and Timewall and Are Accessible to anyone.

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